California suspends 16 more medical providers

The California Division of Workers Compensation said Thursday that it has suspended 16 more medical providers from participating in California’s workers compensation system.

George Parisotto, the Oakland, California-based division’s administrative director, issued suspension orders against James Lemus for evading tax payments, the DWC said in a statement.

Additional suspensions were ordered for: Hee Jung Mun, Hwa Ja Kim and Seonweon Kim, who participated in an illegal kickback scheme to bill Medicare for home health services that were exaggerated or not provided; and Eddie Choi and Won Suk Lee, who participated in an illegal kickback scheme to bill Medicare for physical therapy services that were not provided.

Gonzalo Flores Ruiz, Purnima Ravi Sreenivasan, Moosa Heikali, Naga Raja Thota, John J. McGroarty, James Kieffer McDonnel, David Wayne Bailey, Karla Lashun Clark, Nenita Flores Iturzaeta and Paul Loftus were suspended because their licenses were suspended or revoked, the DWC said in a statement.

The suspensions are in line with A.B. 1244, which went into effect Jan. 1 and requires the division’s administrative director to suspend any medical provider, physician or practitioner from participating in the workers comp system in cases that involve criminal activity or inability to perform duties safely, among other requirements.

These suspensions bring the total number of providers suspended this year to 131, according to the statement.